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studio history

contemporary design NC
treehouse NC
B+O design studio
THEN.  downtown studio, 2005-2010
NOW. home studio, Bruce cat. Lula dog.
...and treehouse annex, 2010-present...

our history

Scott grew up in central Ohio, and earned a B.Arch. from University of Cincinnati’s College of DAAP.  Lara grew up in northern Florida, and earned a B.Science in Biology from Vanderbilt University. 


Lara and Scott met at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design (GSD), where they earned Master’s degrees in Landscape Architecture (Lara, MLA’93) and Architecture (Scott, MARCHII ’93).  Lara’s thesis explored predator/prey interactions and the relationship of viewer/viewed in the context of zoo exhibits.  Scott’s thesis (B.Arch. DAAP 1990), an institute for cinema on the Brooklyn waterfront facing lower Manhattan, explored connections within time and space between the filmic and experiential realms.  What?!


After school, they headed west to Seattle to start their careers in the real world.  Lara worked for landscape architects, the Woodland Park Zoo, and eventually became a designer, then director of design for BIOS, where she spent 10 years designing learning environments for public aquaria, zoos, and nature education centers.  Scott worked for various architects and design-build companies, and eventually formed Do-2 with a schoolmate, where he spent six years working on mostly modern homes and interiors throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

"After starting a family, we decided it was time to return to the East coast to be closer to our extended families, and to hang our own tile.  Wilmington, NC turned out to be the geographic midpoint and landing pad.   Since 2005, as B+O, we have been working hard to generate a body of work that reflects our values, as well as our individual and collective skill sets. 


We feel that design is a privilege, and that quality of life for EVERYONE requires clean air and water, healthy soils, and biodiversity.  When we work for and with you, our goal is to generate spaces that are artful, functional, and completely responsive to the unique character of each client, user and inhabitant."

                                                                                                                 -Scott and Lara

Check out the project grid back on the HOME page to see a representative sample of our work.

monkey lake
black river tin
airlie bottles
longleaf pine turkey oak

media + recognition

Matsumoto Prize people's choice, 2017

1st Prize, AIA Eastern NC coastal division, 2016

     Core Creek Residence


Lumina News, Low Impact, Big Impression


Wilmington AIA Merit Awards 2013

     Graphic Moxie 

     Althea Way residence


Triangle Modernist profile


Wilmington Star-News,

     Modern-style homes make a comeback

Matsumoto Prize people's choice, 2012


Inhabitat, Althea Way profile


Lower Cape Fear Stewardship Development Awards

     2015 - River Bluffs, conservation assistance/lsc.arch.

     2014 - Tonbo Meadow, site planning, arch./lsc. arch.

     2012 - Barrier Island Study Center, lscp, arch.

     2010 - Midori on 29th, arch.

     2009 - Butler Residence, arch./lscp. arch.

     2008 - Barrier Island Study Center, lscp. arch.

     2007 - Tonbo Meadow, site planning, arch./lscp. arch.

     2006 - Preservation Park, amenity design
     2005 - Village of Woodsong, arch./lscp. arch.


Coastal Review Online- Building Simple

While Building Green


North Carolina LID Guidebook, Tonbo Meadow


NC Coastal Federation Smartyards


Cape Fear's Going Green / 

     Hiring a Landscape Architect

     Saving the world, a yard at a time


USGBC Leed Platinum Talon Court


North Carolina Audubon Bird-friendly Habitat

     4-part series guest blog


Encore Magazine: Eco-life

Wrightsville Beach Magazine / Green Giant, lscp. arch.

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