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scott ogden
lara berkley

Scott is an architect. He likes to help people synthesize their needs for using space with style, flow and purpose. His areas of expertise are modernism,  houses, sustainable design, remodels/additions/adaptive reuse, office/flex spaces, and hospitality projects.  If you are a user of any type of space or building, Scott can help you map, shape, create, use and enjoy the unique volumes and spaces in your project. He brings the spatial/experiential perspective. Rem Koolhaas, Wes Anderson, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Hugo Lloris and Caribou are a few of his many motivators.  He takes weekends off enjoying and playing real football (american soccer')....COYS!!  Viva La Edge!! 


Lara is a landscape architect. She likes to help people recognize and conserve biodiversity, water quality, and habitat. Her areas of expertise are conservation design, habitat restoration, stormwater best management practices, and design with native plants.  

If you are a fellow designer, developer, utility company, engineer, planner, municipality, educational institution, homeowner or homeowner association, Lara can help you discover, enhance, preserve and enjoy the unique quality of place in your project.  She brings the ecological perspective.  Aldo Leopold , Roberto Burle-Marx , and her parents are among her primary inspirations.




1319-CC Military Cutoff Road

Wilmington, NC 28411

Tel: 910-821-0084

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